Idea, Plan and Execution of The Inus NFTs on OpenSea Polygon

Idea, Plan and Execution

Early 2021 we’ve witnessed the explosion of interests in NFTs. So we as a group of people that are involved into cryptocurrency since late 2013, brainstormed with some Ideas. We were wondering, what do people want to see? What brings value? How can you make sure you keep growing? How can we become one of the most iconic and popular collections in the NFT space?

The answers on all those questions brought us: The Inus — Inu is Japanese for dog. You might recognize the word ‘’Inu’’ from Shiba Inu and hundreds of other tokens. Dogs are humans best friends. There is a clear history of dogs and people living together. So in emotional sense, the attachment of dogs is bigger than any other animal. Besides that, we had to make sure we could deliver for at least the next 10-20 years and have enough work to keep the growth going. Think about marketing efforts, giveaways, collaborations, partnerships, metaverse, website, social platforms, content, membership advantages, community building, exclusivity and more.

After we brainstormed our idea, it was time to execute those ideas. The artist ‘’TheInusCreator’’ made The Inus and we were immediately fan of our own work, every detail, trait and rarity was just setup perfectly. The Inus are truely digital art and one of a kind collectibles. The emotions, the traits, details, background, rarity and number of the Inu are things that make every Inu (dog) unique.

TheInusCreator — screenshot of work in progress back in Q3 2021

The Inus officially launched on December 1st and we started with a bang by announcing the collaboration with SMI Play / Safemoon Inu. We got some people buying The Inus and gained eyes. Check out a SMI themed Inu below:

SMI Play / Safemoon Inu themed Inu NFT

We see Twitter as the most important social medium to communicate with the NFT space. Next to that is Instagram and ofcourse as chat platform we are using Discord. As Discord is the most used chat platform for the NFT Community. We decided to make a Telegram chat as well for those that are familiar with it.

We noticed our main challenge fast. Building the community. We can say with a 100% that building a community is the hardest thing to do. 99.9% of NFT projects on OpenSea fail because they don’t focus on community building OR they don’t know how. Luckily, we have big brain marketing experts from the crypto world on board. We started with a collaboration, threw giveaways, slowly announced more social mediums and we are creating content every day. Keeping the engagement numbers up is the way to go. We make sure we gain more eyes everyday by networking with other NFT related websites and make deals if we have to. Yes, this costs money.. but our main goal is not to become rich, the main goal is to become one of the most iconic NFT projects, and everyone early and strong holders will profit the most of it.

Clearly, we have a great focus on community building. But next to that you have to keep working hard every day. We just released our Website and Roadmap. The roadmap will show everyone that we intend to grow and never stop. Running a NFT project is blood, sweat and tears. From little sleep to stressful days. But.. If you put enough positive energy into the project, you eventually will get it back in some way. Oh and did you know that ownership of an NFT also means that you have a membership of The Inus? Well, you certainly do now.

Things we intend to do: being part of the metaverse, creating virtual rooms for people that own an Inu where you can virtually dance, talk, drink, have fun etc., more collaborations, more partnerships, airdrops and so much more.. The possibilities are endless and you can be sure that we will look into every possibility. We also talked about ‘’Super News’’ and ‘’Famous News’’, but we can’t share more details about that for now.

Let it be clear, we have plans.. BIG plans. It’s all coming. To current owners of the Inus NFTS we say: Congratulations. If you don’t own any yet, hurry before the Inus are getting more expensive or before you’ll have less choices to choose an Inu that you like.

On to the next one.


Virtual Gallery: