Love ’Em or Hate ’Em — NFTs are Here To Stay

Love ’Em or Hate ’Em — NFTs are Here To Stay

What’s common between Eminem, Jimmy Fallon, and Lionel Messi?

They are all filthy rich and cool? Duh … Think harder! Give up?

Apart from having millions of fans of themselves, these celebrities are huge fans of NFTs and have dipped their hands (and dollars) in the NFT pool.

Shockingly, four years ago the entire NFT market was valued at $40 million. By the end of 2021, BOOM it hit $40 billion. Remarkable?

Technically, 2021 will always be regarded as “The year of NFTs” in crypto history and we are glad that The Inus is a part of it. Whether you are an artist or a collector, we have always supported the entire NFT community.

However, some of us are still on the fence, and rightly so! Let’s put an end to the LOVE/HATE relationship once and for all.

Allow us to Cut Through the Noise Across NFT

NFT’s are inevitably going to become a part of your future and will be a part of everyone’s life.

The sooner you stop questioning about its existential abilities, the better you are equipped to crack the code and be the next “Rags to Riches headline” .

Needless to say, you must act fast and up your game before the valuable ones go out of your reach. For Example; The Inus has several rarities and as you can see it is only a matter of time before everything is sold out.

How to Spot The Ideal NFT for You

Hailing from a group of crypto nerds, we tried to decode what makes an NFT valuable. Stay with us, while we explore how to maneuver through the Pandora’s box without getting burned.

If you are a collector, there is no question what you should buy. It’s there in black and white for you: Buy one that catches your eye! There’s no right or wrong.

But if you are a flipper or want to invest in NFT’s, you need to get busy!


Remember the most popular girl in high school- the one everyone wanted to date? Blond hair, cute smile, and the body of a goddess?!? Anyone?

Now, NFTs don’t necessarily work that way. Evident by the most expensive NFTs, the Bored Apes, the most popular ones aren’t the best looking.

You must get your hands on one that has the most potential. Look for a roadmap, what are they trying to do, if they reach those milestones; is that enough? So, do you see a roadmap and did you spot it on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, or the guys at the bar can’t stop gushing over it, you might have found a winner.

But again, the key is to be quick. If you spot a winner in its early stages, only then can you profit off it. If you’re late to the game, you’re practically very LATE.

The early bird catches the worm, remember. BE the early birdie!


Time for another analogy. NFTs are today what Rolex has been for decades. It builds a community around it and everyone ( read every single one) wants to meet up with people who share the same passion.

People love their NFTs because they unfurl their networks and allow them to socialize. As a flipper or investor, look out for NFTs that focus on building a community — think collaborations, giveaways, influencers talking about it, parties, private virtual forums, and the likes.

If you see yourself engrossed in a weekend of festivities, specially organized for you, you’re highly unlikely to sell your ticket off. The higher the NFT retention ( less supply), the higher the value will roll.


Thankfully, NFTs are not just a way to own digital art, they are opening up a mine of possibilities. Collectibles in particular will become very valuable due to time and scarcity.

Now, we are all famished for dessert right? Time to do some digging. Look for NFTs that have a plan and at least a roadmap.

In short, if the NFT creators are on their toes looking for creative ways to add value to the NFT, the prices will skyrocket.

You Already Have What It Takes to Win!

We’ve laid out a roadmap for you. So much so, every bone in your body is itching to get your hands on one of our NFTs.

But the million-dollar question still hangs mid-air, which one to buy?

We have done the math for you! The INUS NFT collection has different rarities.


  • Legendary — Gold Inu : 2%
  • Epic — Safemoon Inu : 3%
  • Rare — Red/Brown Inu : 4%
  • Uncommon — Silver Inu : 8%
  • Common — Orange Inu : 83%

The Inus has genuine sellers, a strong community, members-only benefits — and an AWESOME ROADMAP, they check all boxes!

Take a look at The INUS NFT collection of cute dogs that will melt your heart.

By now you know the drill, right? Be the early birdie!

Here is the link to The Inus Opensea collection:

Roadmap: Click here

Virtual Gallery: