Not Just Another Collection, it's a NFT Brand

The Inus are collectibles, art, profile pictures and a membership with growing benefits now and in the future. Current verified Inu holders will get a 50 to 99% discount on future drops and are basically auto-whitelisted on every drop. The Inus is working on a virtual club house in a metaverse. This space for the club house has already been bought and we are waiting for the actual launch of the metaverse. The Inus also aquired $APE coins to participate on the metaverse of BAYC. We believe this specific metaverse will be the central point of all Internet users in a digital world. Purchasers of an Inu also own the Intellectual property/rights to the purchased Inu. This means you can use The Inus NFTs for all your purposes. For Example, as business logo, profile picture, project, merchandising and videos etc. It doesn't end here, The Inus has a laid out a vision for the upcoming 10 years and this comes with growing benefits.  With success, comes opportunities. Think about metaverse, web3, airdrops, giveaways, merchandising etc.