The Inus Adventurous NFT Journey

The Inus Adventurous NFT Journey

Here’s Your Sneak Peek Into the Inus Adventurous NFT Journey

Me as a crypto enthusiast and crypto marketing expert who’ve been in this space since late 2013, I saw a huge gap between what people wanted and what creators kept shipping. Hoping to steer the industry towards a fairer and more inclusive future, I started to look for ways to uplift this space, with advice from other crypto enthusiasts as well.

My name is TheInusCreator, verified artist on OpenSea and inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto. My personal info was shared with OpenSea in order to get verified. This is our Journey.

All our efforts eventually came to fruition in the form of The Inus, our beloved collection of 1285 quirky little dogs living on the Polygon blockchain. These quirky and adorable little guys came to life in November 2021. (While our official launch was on December 1st, on OpenSea)

The rest, as they say, has been history. But to get to the heart of this story, let’s take a step back and see what’s driving our actions and where we’re headed with this dog-inspired collection.

Every Inu is unique

The Mission that Sparked the Passion for The Inus

The Inus wants to become one of the most iconic NFTS ever. To realize this, we need to work on organic community building and branding. We will reach our goal, failure does not exist.

Between insider trading, pumps and dumps, rug pulls, whitelists, and sketchy pre-sales, we saw creators leave no stone unturned to part innocent members of this community from their hard-earned crypto assets.

This was especially bad for newcomers who were allured by the roaring success of Shibu Inu and Dogecoin, but ultimately had no clue how this ecosystem works. And so they were being taken advantage of by dishonest characters left and right.

However, dishonest creators were not the only problem. The other side of this was all the unoriginal, uninspiring, lifeless, and quite frankly, useless NFTs. This lack of meaning is also why these digital tokens are frowned upon outside of crypto communities.

The Vision that Materialized This Wholesome Collection

We started this collection with the vision of changing the mainstream perception of NFTs and empowering all people to benefit from this digital frontier of art and community.

To make that happen, we launched with fair distribution and without any sketchy pre-sales of any kind. We actually started from 0 followers, 0 discord members and 0 collectors. Our goal was to create a thriving community where people can come together, laugh together and celebrate together, and ultimately, have meaningful virtual interactions that can bring some much-needed human touch to this space.

The other major decision we made was to make The Inus not only adorable (aren’t they mindbogglingly cute!?), but full of utility.

As luck would have it, we had a stroke of genius when we found the perfect solution: The Inus serve as a digital key that unlocks access to a phenomenal membership with exclusive perks for all members.

So not only does each Inu reflect our passion and creativity with unique artwork, but it also has inherent utility built into it with many members-only perks planned for the future. For now, these advantages are available for current holders:

  • Special Role on Discord and access to a Verified Inu Holders channel to chat with other holders and make suggestions for the project
  • Discount from 50% to 99% on NEW Inu drops depending on the highest Rarity Inu you own. On each new drop, the verification process of new Inu Holders will stop for a period. We have no intention to drop Inus with large quantities. Future drops will only be a series of limited 1/1 Inus.
  • Can be used a profile picture
  • Purchasers own the intellectual property/rights to the purchased Inu. This means Inu owners have the right to do everything with their Inu, knowing they won’t be sued for copyright infringement. For Example: — Use it as Business Logo — Start their own Merch — Use it for their project; business, token etc.

The Inu Family is Growing Fast

Despite only being around for like 4months, The Inus are proving too hard for people to resist. Our tight-knit and wholesome community is growing at a record pace. We’re on track to hit 20,000 proud Inu lovers across Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Telegram soon while exploring new socials like Skurpy and TikTok as well.

Furthermore, The Inus launched to roaring success (maybe woofing success?) and have traded over 7 ether in trading volume on OpenSea. There are 350+ proud Inu owners as we speak, and these numbers are bound to grow over time.

The Road Ahead for The Inus

Just like the four-legged pets from the physical world, The Inus are living, breathing, and forever evolving — on the Polygon network.

We have many exciting developments in the plans that we’ll roll out in the coming months and years. For instance, we’re working on marketing, digital outlets, and many other advantages for holders. The goal is to share the joy of Inus with as many people as possible.

We’re also working on partnerships and collaborations to bring unique opportunities to The Inus family. While we’re keeping these targets hush-hush for now, expect to hear some breathtaking updates from us this year.

The end of 2022 won’t mean the end of innovation for The Inus either. We’ll always strive to bring more features, opportunities, and joy to our beloved community.

The Inus are not here to take a part. These pawsome little guys are here to take over. Become a member today by adopting your own Inu on OpenSea.

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