The Inus NFT is Eco-Friendly 

The Inus NFT is Eco-Friendly 

NFTs have been paving the way for newfound investments over the better part of more than a decade. These investments have only grown ever since people started tending more towards assets on the blockchain. Over the last year, for instance, we've seen investments of upwards of several billion dollars on the unique NFT platform OpenSea. OpenSea is an NFT exchange platform that allows individuals to purchase and or exchange NFTs with each other, consequently leading to the sector's expansion.


Talking about NFTs and how they work, it's firstly important to know what an NFT is.


What are NFTs, and How Do They Work? 

An NFT or a Non-Fungible Token is a digital asset on the blockchain. With NFTs being "non-fungible," these assets cannot be divided into smaller portions, unlike cryptocurrencies or any other currencies for that matter. With cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, these currencies can be mined or purchased in smaller parts, but an NFT must be bought entirely. This means that you cannot buy a part of an NFT.


Moving further, NFTs can be purchased from a bunch of different exchange platforms, including the likes of OpenSea, SolanArt, and Binance Smart Chain, amongst others. NFTs are highly resourceful since they can be used to include an individual within a community of people who hold the same asset. Not just that, NFTs keep on rising in value, provided that the hype for these assets goes on to increase with time.


What Exactly are Inus NFTs and What Sets Them Apart? 

Inus NFTs are digital assets that have gained massive coverage over the last few months. The reason behind the success of these NFTs is that these assets are formulated on the Polygon Blockchain. Plus, their supply is limited. Even though more Inus NFTs are to be added to the current supply of the project, the total

supply of the project is still expected to be minimal. Now, keeping in mind how the Inus NFTs look highly appealing and are intriguing to keep, each of these NFTS will grow in terms of the benefits they provide to the community members.


In today's time, the cost of the Inus NFTs is affordable and or reasonable. Not just that, the amount is currently much less than what other major NFTs are priced at, along the lines of Bored Ape Yacht Club, VeerFriends, and more.


With the supply of Inus NFTs being somewhat minimalistic, there are still a number of drops to be expected in the times to come. What's important to note is that owning an Inus NFT will enable people to get whitelisted for these drops. This will further enable people to get a discount of more than 50 percent on these drops.


Once more and more celebrities tune in to the hype of these assets, the quickly diminishing supply of these NFTs will start becoming more valuable. The Inus NFTs are rad and trendy sets of collectibles that are on the Polygon Blockchain. In this way, these NFTs are highly eco-friendly and aren't as damaging to the environment as most other NFTs on other exchange platforms.


These NFTs call for lower gas fees, too, enabling lower costs for people who wish to invest in their own NFTs. In comparison with other networks such as the one on the Ethereum blockchain, gas fees paid in Ether, or the native currency of Ethereum, are generally quite high.


On the contrary, fees paid on the Polygon Blockchain are, in fact, much more affordable based on the fact that this blockchain requires lesser energy.


The Inus: Facts and Figures 

Currently, the Inus NFTs are still expanding and hope to show further growth in the times to come. The Inus, created by the Inus Creator on OpenSea, has more than 1,300 different pieces of artwork on the blockchain as of right now. The number of these NFTs is expected to increase, but not excessively. This is why the price of the Inus is likely to remain stable and or keep on expanding further as time progresses further.

With over 420 distinctive owners of the Inus, these NFTs possess a floor price of around 0.01 ETH as of April 28, 2022. Currently, an Inus NFT is priced at around $30; however, analysts indicate that the cost of these digital masterpieces can increase tremendously over the course of a couple of years. In total, more than 8.6 ETH worth of Inus NFTs have been traded at the time of writing this on April 28, 2022.


Over the last week, more than 16 Inus NFTs have been traded amongst users on OpenSea. Nevertheless, this number is expected to increase over time or until

someone generates a decent amount of hype for the project.


Promoting the World of the Inus Through Blogs 

With the Inus NFTs, one of the more notable factors alongside being eco-friendly is how this project is working towards awareness of digital assets. Through its official site, you can access various blogs that have been linked on Medium, an online space filled with various articles and such. By displaying different articles on cryptocurrencies and NFTs on the official site on Inus, the project is encouraging people to be able to learn more and more about how these digital resources work and why they're all too special for most people.



To sum up, the Inus NFT is one that has taken the market by storm, owing to the fact that it hopes to lower gas fees significantly. Paying gas fees is a major obstacle within the crypto space since you're charged based on whether there are loads of people on the server as well as the size of the transaction. However, with the Inus NFTs, gas fees might just go on to become a problem of the past.


With currently more than 1,285 NFTs made from 17 different layered items on top of each other, the Inus NFTs are indeed the ones to be on the lookout for. These NFTs are likely to reach for the stars in the times ahead.