To become a member, buy an Inu on OpenSea.

The Inus are limited NFT collectibles built on the Polygon Blockchain. While there are still a few Inus to be added on top of the current supply, it will be scarce. Besides being adorable and cool-looking, each Inu NFT doubles as a membership to growing benefits.

What makes The Inus such a big deal?

Well, for starters the minimum cost of entry is still affordable. And again, there will be only a limited supply of them. We still have some Inu drops to go. Everyone that owns an Inu will automatically be whitelisted for these drops and can get a discount of 50 to 99%. While non-Inu holders will need to pay the full price. As more (famous) people buy in, that limited supply is perceived as becoming more and more valuable.
Current membership benefits:
  • IP Rights
  • Iconic Collectibles
  • Auto-Whitelisted on all drops
  • Access to Virtual Club House (soon)
  • 'Verified Inu Holder' role on Discord
  • Access to Inu Club on Discord
  • Mentorship-Program for Creators
  • Growing Benefits

Our Goal

The goal is to become one of the most Iconic NFT collections of the world. Our vision has been set for the upcoming 5 to 10 years.


Markets decide value. Communities participate in these markets. That's why our first priority is Community Building, With great success so far.


+400 Unique Inu Owners
+8 WETH Trading Volume
+30,000 Followers (across all socials)
1,345 Unique Inus in our Collection

All Inu Holders get access to the Inu Gang on Discord


Fair Distribution of The Inus NFTs

We had a fair launch, no pre-sale or whitelist. We started from scratch with 0 followers, 0 Discord members and 0 collectors on December 1st 2021. Everything achieved so..

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The Roadmap 2.0 Live updated 

We have broadly formulated our vision and strategy. We understand that constant growth is important. There's a lot more to come, but these are the big key points for the upcoming years. A roadmap that puts forward our vision and plans. In Q4 2023, we will come up with a new roadmap that outlines plans until 2027.


The Inus is one of the few collections on OpenSea, where you can search between certain numbers, special numbers and rarity. We have spend a lot of time in developing and creating this filter system.

  • Mythical: Superheroes Inus 2%
  • Ultra Legendary: Famous Inus 3%
  • Legendary - Gold Inu : 2%
  • Epic - Safemoon/SMI Play Inu : 3%
  • Very Rare: Zombie/Alien Inu : 6%
  • Rare - Red/Brown Inu : 7%
  • Uncommon - Silver Inu : 7%
  • Common - Orange Inu : 70%
The pricing of the Inus is based on rarity. The Inus will become more expensive due to an affordable starting price and growing demand. Think about membership advantages, premium access, unique PFP, Metaverse, access to virtual community rooms and more.
The Inus cares about Climate Change


The Inus NFT collection is on the Polygon Blockchain. Polygon is the Eco-Friendly Blockchain scaling Ethereum. While we do believe Ethereum will become Eco-Friendly in the future, we need to act now. That's why The Inus can be bought on the Polygon Blockchain with Wrapped Ethereum (WETH). Besides being Eco-Friendly, the Polygon Blockchain also offers free / to extremely low gas fees.
Polygon Network announced plans to become carbon neutral and climate effective in 2022.

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Buy an Inu

Each Inu is unique and programmatically generated or 1/1. The higher the raritity, the more unique and 1/1 it becomes. All Inus are dope, but some are just more  rare than others. Currently we see a huge demand for ''Clean'' Inus which are Inus with a maximum of 1 trait and Inus in suits.

NOTE: Be aware of fake collections. Always check if the collection is made by the verified artist: TheInusCreator

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